School Safety Grants Awarded

School safety grants were announced for 239 schools across the state, which will fund infrastructure upgrades designed to improve school safety. Purchases will include interior and exterior door locks, indoor and outdoor public address systems and other infrastructure upgrades to improve safety. The budget passed by the legislature included $4 million to enhance safety at local school buildings. The maximum grant was $25,000. Each school is required to provide a 25% match to whatever grant they are awarded. The statewide average grant was approximately $16,000.

In addition to this grant funding, another $1 million will be available this fall to support schools in developing emergency plans, training and safety exercises.

These grants will enable important security improvements to the physical sites. I am proud to have been a small part of the process to improve school safety for our young citizens, and sad that we need to do this. We must discuss the root cause of violence in our schools and communities.

 Schools in our area receiving grants:

  • Cavendish Town Elementary School, $10,821.
  • Chester-Andover Elementary School, $25,000.
  • Springfield High School, $22,454.
  • Weathersfield School, $1,125.