Medical Marijuana

Laws that regulate Medical marijuana were updated and expanded to better serve patients who are looking for symptom relief. Three new medical conditions were added: Parkinson's, Crones and PTSD. 

To qualify for PTSD, the patient must be undergoing psychotherapy or counseling with a licensed mental heatlh care provider. This bill also allows patients who are referred to a specialist to forgo the mandatory waiting period, removes the requirement that patients have made prior efforts to relieve symptoms by other means.

The bill increases the possession limit from 2 oz to 3 oz (mostly a concern around edibles and tinctures). In addition, it allows patients who choose to grow their own to do so outside, and to also have access to dispensaries.

The bill increases the number of dispensaries licensed from 4 to 5. Each have two outlets. One important addition is that it allows dispensaries to become for-profit companies. Lastly, it adds provision for testing within the Agency of Agriculture for THC levels.