Annmarie Christensen was elected to represent the Windsor-2 district towns of Weathersfield and Cavendish in the Vermont House of Representatives. My current two-year term is for 2017-2018. I serve on the House Committee on Health Care.

I live in the Village of Perkinsville in Weathersfield and was born in Allentown, PA, and moved to Vermont in 1973.

I attended 16 years of Catholic schools, and received a BA from Misericordia University and a MS from Marlboro College.

My occupation is as a journalist, having been a reporter and news editor at the Valley News, Rutland Herald, and VPR. I have been the publisher of an international newspaper on HIV/AIDs best practices and innovations in developing countries as director of publications for the Global Health Council, based in White River Junction, VT and Washington, D.C. I was also the Director of Communications for The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, which coined the term Accountable Care Organizations, and researched best practices in regard to domestic health systems.

I am part of the Weathersfield community, having served on the Conservation Commission and as a director of the Weathersfield Historical Society. Currently, I serve as president of the trustees of the village of Perkinsville and have volunteered at the North Springfield warming shelter.

I have two wonderful children, Meredith and J. Max, who were born in Vermont and attended school in Chester. And I have great partners, Dallas Carey, and George, the goldendoodle.

My home phone is 802-263-9530. And, my mailing address: 16 Old Center St., Perkinsville, VT 05151. E-mail me at or